My inspirations

Sherly Sandberg: she is the COO of Facebook and the author of LEAN IN. My Myth as professional and now even more as a woman after she lost her husband recently.

Al and Laura Ries: I don’t need to say anything about them, only that whomever doesn’t read their books and blog, to me doesn’t have a correct vision of the modern Business world.

Frank Merenda and Piernicola de Maria: they’re the ones bringing Ries philosophy and thoughs to Italy and not only that. Unfortunately for the People who doesn’t understand Italian, they are really changing the way of selling.

My Grandma: she was in Politic, she had 4 Kids, she was a good mother and a great politician. She though me to be strong, so be self confident and not to let anyone shutting your mounth up. She was challenging the rules at her time, being the only woman in a Man political word.

My Mother: Thanks to her, I am the Person I am. And I’m cool.

My mom


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