Organizing a Global Trade Fair …and survive


EuroShop is over, finally, and I need to write something now before I get slammed by the numbers of new projects that I am starting already. Organizing and managiging an event has always been my dream, so I was glad I had to opportunity to test myself with it.
I was part of the Team (made of 4 People) who organized the EuroShop2017 trade fair participation of our Company Checkpoint Systems. We had a 100 sm booth in two Levels with Catering, product Demos, a Lounge and a whisper room. I was in Charge of the communication, visuals, booth layout and all Marketing activities related.

Organisation is the key …

I tried to organize as much as possible and minimize the risk of any unexpected. We started months before with the organization of the products we wanted to show, marketing materials, give-aways, dressing and clothing, catering, booth Design and decorations, and all the parts making a fair a success. I like to be prepare and make sure I am on top of things, in order to be sure. The few things I left out of my radar, I regret them. Not because I am any kind of genius, but because when you’re really in charge, you have the helicopter view of the situation and you can delegate with control.

…but improvisation is a must.

sdrAlthough you search to organize as much as possible and to plan as many second plans as possible, there is always something that can go wrong. And normally goes. In these occations, you have to learn to think quick and take a serie of decisions in a very limited time, in a very stressful and caothic environment, with the only objective in mind of the starting of the fair. All energy should be invested in that in those moments and no distractions are allowed, especially when it comes to solve critical last moment Change.

Being nice is very important…

To me politeness and gentlness are just the essential of working together. Even if most crazy situation, I try to maintain my smile and good manners. I always keep in mind we are all working together and we all have the same goal, so why should we fight against each other? How stupid is that even. If I make mistakes I apologize and move on, same thing if someone else does. We all have to respect each other and the working place is quite more successful.


…tough sometime not easy.

Just picture you are trying to open all your 20 boxes of catalogs for customers, in the meantime someone is asking you where you want to place the Logo of the booth and in which exact position, while your colleague ist trying to understand from you where to buy extra materials missing and the booth builder wants to install a furniture and have no idea where. You’re just in the middle of this and someone comes with a complain, maybe a fair one, but not exactly the best timing. Happens that you don’t react so sweetly and nicely, and that is fine. Like I accept in these situations rude manners (always in terms of words, no personal offence of course), I might also loose my temper a little. That should not be a big thing and it should be considered part of the game.


Networking during the Event a must …

This is the most important part for me, taking this unique opportunity to interect with as many People as possible,  establish new Relations and refresh old ones. People Connection is what matters in life and in workplace, consider these moments sacred to do so. Never loose an opportunity to get to know new people: possible co-workers, competitors, Business Partners, old colleagues are Born and grow exactly in such occasions.

…so is having fun!

Enjoy the Event while it lasts makes all the stress and time invested all totally deserved. Take the most of it, chat, laugh, feel the energy, and simply enjoy the moment! Never stop Networking and of course, but a Little fun both during the days and out in the evening will make you remember the Event for ever.



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