Why would you like to hire an Italian in your office?


First: I hate stereotypes and prejudices and I find disrespectful to judge someone only based on the county/city/place he/she comes from.

Besides, I experience myself that being European is now more important than being “Italian” or “German” or any other nationality. As already said, we are getting more and more alike, with same habits, problems and experiences.

Nowadays the world, and Europe especially, is going towards uniformity and mix. Even languages tend to mix and level to the same one, which is of course English. So it is very no accurate to speak about nationalities differences.

Anyway, exactly for these reasons, what is still difference a country from the others, should be evaluated and taken care of, because it will soon disappear. It will come much sooner that we think that time when those differences will be really gone and it will be a pity. If we think about our grandmothers and fathers, how different they were from us and how much more deeper in the local culture they were than us. The trend was already visible by our parents, they started to look at the outside world, to meet other foreign habits, to eat new food, to travel, to want for us more internationality. Yet this process is completely established and I would even say we are in the new era of the everywhere is here and the life is in one merging world.


Considering all of this, and the continuous migrations of people all around Europe, I would highlight what still make us “Italians” different and why those local aspects could be beneficial outside Italy. And what best example than in company/business world? International companies hunt more and more in other countries for talents, especially now that English make much more jobs possible everywhere. And what does it mean for us “Italians”? How we should present ourselves when seeking for a job outside Italy? And why a company would want to hire us? Hey, I am not saying those things are all qualities and we’re very far from being perfect (:


Here why a company outside Italy would want to hire an “Italian”:


  • Normally we are in a good mood. Of course there are Italians who are angry or grumpy, but I would say the probability to find one that is not that high, especially if he/she left his country to look for a better like. Italians who decided (of needed) to move are even more in a positive attitude, because they needed to do it. We might not be the greatest English (or other language) speakers but surely we bring sunshine in the office. If you want a little fun in your business, also when stressed and problems occurs, you call us. Italian light the atmosphere.


  • As said, we are not so good in languages. But we do get there we want to be. Somehow, using hands, arms, smiles, face expressions, we make ourselves clear. Sometimes even too much, but as our culture is based on communication, we make sure people understand what we want to express. Nothing being “unsaid” or miss-understood with Italians. We put out everything on the table, with no filters. That is especially good in multicultural environment.


  • We are loyal. Italians care very much about relations and if a company trusted in us, we give it all. We wouldn’t let our company/bosses down, especially if they were the one made the expat possible. We would even renounce higher paid offers to not disappoint our companies. It might seem stupid (and sometimes it is) but surely it is beneficial for whomever hired us.


  • Italians are perfect mediators. Looking at our history, we are very used to have to deal with other cultures that from time to time wanted to invade and control us. Our special geography position made us very expert in dealing with strangers and mediate from what they wanted to establish and change. Also we have great skills to be in between strong forces and maintain a neutral position but always friendly. In position of leadership this quality is very much appreciated.


  • We don’t mind working long hours, but we do love breaks. Yes, Italians sometimes like to chat and waste a little time, especially in conversations drinking Espresso o Caffe Macchiato. That serves to create PR and improve relations within work peeps. But it is true also that Italians do not mind working long hours and finish late. Actually they don’t feel good leaving early the office. Of course it might be a problem to integrate this habit in a more serious and concentrated space.


  • Italy=creativity (+ Confusion!). The equation is correct, normally Italian are very creative people, not only taking about the pure artistic creativity, but also finding new ways of solving problems and thinking out of the Box. This lateral thinking is very useful in specifical branches and it is critical in problem solving, of course it goes along with the confusion. Sometimes schedules are not respected and Agenda are at last moment completely changed. This is surely a downside.


See we’re not only good in cooking Pizza and Pasta?
It wanted to be a fun post on how a little Italian taste can make your office/company happy. Of course completely taken from my own experience ((:

italian mode



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