Marketing Job: how it’ll look like in the near future?

social media

Exactly! I totally rely to this. To me the Marketing Job is now changing towards new activities, more and more online using media channels as well as Standard. What is now the Goal of Marketing?

  • Market Share increase. The is not doubt: the main goal of Marketing is to be making the company known in the reference Market. How? Well, searching for channels where their customers look for the same kind of products and be in these channel, FIRST (possibly) and STRONG.
  • Develop the leadership in your Market. Increasing Market share means being and acting like the leader of your market – that is what all companies should aim to be. Once the leads are attracted to your communications tools, your brand has to present itself as THE leader on that market. How? There are different ways to do that:
    • Creating digital network tool to be presenting your product as the expert (tutorials, Training Videos, Manuals)
    • Having all material and website in the local language of your country AND in English
    • Providing frequently contents (again also in English) – best is with a Blog section in the company Website where your Show you are the “Expert” in your category
    • Showing your presence not only in your local area but also everywhere else possible, promoting it off and online
    • Interacting with users throughout blogging and social media. Users are most likely your future customers.
    • Testimonials are crucial. The more the better, always include name and company, not using fakes.

What does Marketing still do?

There are many definitions and job descriptions when it comes to Marketing but in reality what Marketing People do it’s really depending on the company. I saw Marketing Managers creating and designing Products or Marketing peers that were only in charge of organizing hotels and facilities. It is really based on what the company thinks Marketing does. Here the main functions that are still on the Marketing function.

  •  Organizing Events, from fairs to congress, from the invitation to the design of the location, everything is under the umbrella of Marketing office. Even the catering section, up to the choice of the Menu (we know if the food is bad and few, the event is a failure).
  • Making up some kind of Promotions. There are many way of defining a promotional campaign, but at the end we talk about pushing actions to sell more, often using special prices for limited period of time. Nothing wrong with it, when it’s well made it’s a success, but many cases marketing has less decision power on how to do them and it could somehow lower the final results.
  • New product collateral. This is tricky, as it is something in between who creates the product and who launch it. It is really more a domain of whomever creates the product but Marketing is normally involve in the creativity.

All of this to say that the Marketing function is in companies is transitioning in a larger area of competence, redifying its edges and responsibilities. I am joyfully part of this Transition, studying to have new competences and developping new abilities.


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