Do you feel yourself not sure in your work? Are you always afraid you will be the next let go? What to find a way to be really needful for your company? It is easy, the only way to create an added value in your departiment is to solve a problem. Solving a problem could mean creating new things, selling more, making better analysis, improving relations with customers, reducing people conflicts, and so on. Every area has its own pain and we need to find it, understand it and settle it.

In other words owing your Problem Solving Plan! Here 10 action point that should consist your PS_Plan:

1. Where is the pain?
Is there a process that does not work correctly, it is a person that is a bottle neck or it is a product that do no perform well. Any way, find where the pain sits.

Example: Marketing Dep. needs more brand visibility in the market and all sales team complain customers do not know enough their company and products.

2 How long has it been going on?
So there mush have been a moment when it all worked smoothly or is it always been like this? The longer the frustation last the better recnoglition you will get if you solve it (can you image yaears and years of bad sales and then the start of growing again?)

Example: this Problem occurs for a long time but it is getting more critical since when the competitor have started to be more aggressive on campaigns and events

3 Why is there such Problem?
So what happened that caused the overstock of some products? Why such an non-experienced person was hired? Or whatever the problem is, find the reason why it has started. Evaluate the causes.

Example: in the past more focus was given to other aspects of Marketing and branding visibility and communication was not always the priority

4 Implement your SP_Plan
After gathering all info, you can start thinking on how to solve it. It is usually not one-move solving, it implies list of actions and problably other people involvement. The more this problem affects the happier management will be to help you to find a way to solve it.

Example: brainstorm with colleagues and come up with list of events and campaigns that would help.

5 Share your Solving-problem Plan with your boss

Always include higher references in your plans (not only this one). But this case is crucial since you will need their support in making things change. Think about if your plan involves the way another person works, without her/his consensus it’d never work.

Example: send this list to sales and ask feedback

6 Start executing
This is painful. People normally do not want to change the way they work and it requires strengh, willing and enthusiam not to give up. Always remember the final goal and stay focus on that. Sometimes people will get angry, live with it.

Example: having some activities approved, start working on them. New events up coming (fairs and customer local events). Brand Awareness Campaign through Direct Email Blast, Ads, Sales Letters, Press Release and Lead Generation campaign.

7 Set a deadline
Having a date set gives also a temporary dimension to the plan. Normally first results should start to be visible after 6 months (it depends on the volume of the changes). If after a year no change has been seen and no improvements, you don’t have a good plan or maybe you didn’t understand the real pain.

Example: deadline is 2016

8 Communicate the results

As soon as positive results come, say it, say it and say it! Let everyone know that you were the key on that improvements.

9 Enjoy the recognition

Yes, it will come – no worry!

10 Take a Vacation

A little vacation is needed

And start thinking on a new Problem 🙂


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