Delegating, why is it so difficult?

I find this a really interesting question, very much related to self time management and jobs organisation. Almost always when I see someone crazy overloaded and hysterical for the pressure of things to do, It’s likely a person not able to delegate!

Who does not delegate it more a problem than a resource for companies, mostly because they are usually self-centric and tent to take more that what they can handle. Such behavior is not done on purpose, these People truly believe that their way is the best way to do things, especially since in this way surely things will be done. This post is not to judge who does it, because I understand why they do it. Working in a group is not easy, it gets even harder when the group is “virtual” across countries and continents, the tendency to do it all to make sure it’s done is big. But at the end not-delegating people bring more disadvantages than strengths to firms.

They like to be at center of everything and to be involved in as much as possible – to the extend that he or she has to decide even the smallest details. That obviously take time away from what they should actually be doing, consequently they are known as a late responding or worse people who forget things.

What about holidays? Another flaw is that if you don’t delegate to anyone, when you are not there (holidays, illness, private issues), the job surely stops. Processes that they should manage stop and their results with it. What about is some unforeseen come and they are not able to respond in time to customers? Or the system they manage breaks? Or whatever other tragedy happens? At the end to those people the company can not rely on and they will not be assigned to important projects.

No more complaining. I personally think that in many cases, people that complain a lot are the ones that do not delegate enough (or do not at all!). In many cases I hear associates saying they have too much to do but, the same people usually keep it all in their hands, even when a help is offered.

Relations are the key. So putting myself on the head of an organisation, I would never trust someone self centric, what if she/he leaves? Senior manager always pay attention that their co-worker learn to delegate and are able to work in a group.That’s why is fundamental to create the relation with co-workers. Asking someone to help/support me with my task create surely a relation with that person, and we know creating relations is critical in work eviroment

Trust more, please. Delegeting means also trusting the person you are asking to. Sometimes you have to trust without the security that your trust will be then paid, but it’s always worth trying it. Trusting someone is the biggest respect sign you can Show. So when you find someone that (you think) you can rely on, he/she is available to help and you can trust, here you go you can start delegating. Delegation means before all, explaining. Take some time, with patience, and sit/call with that person explaining exactly what you need, providing as much information as possible. Make things clear and answer all questions.

Cut big process in simple pieces. Of course some job requires more than other, better, some jobs requires more practical and repetitive operations, and those of course are time consuming and in many cases, are the biggest cause of complaining. As much as possible, delegate what can be, and cut those tasks in pieces that can be done also by different co-workers.

No avoiding. Do not avoid that fact that you are asking for help and you are delegating your job. At the end the results will be good for both of you and your colleagues, but be always clear. Of course next time, they might ask you, and you own them.

Not being overloaded gives you the possibility to think straightforwardly, strategically and making long time decisions. You can do that knowing that what you decide to do, it surely will be done because you know how to manage your time and there are no risk that what is important will be lost in the middle of too many things.


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