Own your job, you can never fail

Recently I entered in many discussions regarding how to deal with responsibilities at work and why it is really important that we take responsibilities in order to own our job.

Take risks! I understood that no matter what job you do, it is implicitly required that you take some risks. Companies know you might fail taking them, but you should do it anyway. Organisations are prepared to manage our fails, because not only it is worth but not to try cost even more. It might be times when what we think is right and needed, and in reality it is not. But surely those are the minority. Most of the times, what we do is the key to move forward and to create value for our team. And that is exactly our goal.

Just executing is not enough: you do your job, without taking any initiatives, you do not simply do enough. We, that we have the luxury not to work in assembly lines or in mines, (doing the same job over and over) are blessed with a nice and safe job, we are even more forced to create added value for our companies. Nowadays we have much more freedom and resources, we have everything basically free on google, we can reach information and ask experts via emails, sometimes we even have too much information (by the way, information understanding is also another crucial point). That’s why getting information, opening our curiosity and increasing our level of knowledge is just the minimum in our everyday working life.

Always be curious: In this such full of information environment, it is mandatory that we use all of these tools to create worth for the companies that we are working for. Just executing is not enough. There are robots and automatisms that can do that. We as professional should always remember that our job is to think what can we do to better help our organisation, no matter what field, if logistic, supply chain, sales or marketing, if we have an idea how to improve things, we should always broad it up. I even say, we are paid to have such ideas! If we don’t, than there is a problem. In my job, I spend at least 20% of my time searching events that might be interesting for my business line, or learning graphic tools that could help me to work better, looking for tips on how to make good presentations, discovering market research, exploring new possible targets and learning what my competitors are doing. I use Social Media to sniff what are the new trends in marketing and how I can improve my brand awareness in all channels possible.

Asking is the key: Anything I see think can bring value to my work, I bring it up and share with my co-workers. I propose new ideas, I ask to invest in what I think brings value to my company. People are too afraid to ask, but why? A questions can have two answer yes or not. So when I think there is something my company should invest on, I go for it, ask and, if needed, fight for it.

Investing means giving trust. Of course, when I suggest we should do something it involves an investment, meaning asking my company to trust me spending money. That is not an easy call. It is hard to give trust but it is also hard to ask, and many times people are afraid to speak up because do not want to make such questions. It is always a pain, but it is crucial but the future of organisations.

Fight for it. All of this to say that we have to act proactively. Giving ideas, providing new ways of doing things, finding new tools or chasing events, anything can help and surely does not damage the company. And, when you find something interesting, ask and fight for it. If a no is the first answer, it does not mean it will be the final. That’s why, if you are sure about something, that is your job to fight our battle for it. If we don’t, someone will do it instead of us.


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